coresuite eCommerce

coresuite eCommerce


Price without VAT 
The price includes 2600 £ one off setup fee for Coresuite and the monthly subscription amounting to 130 £ respectively 220 £ for the shop.The monthly subscription is due each month for the entire contract period.




Automated data exchange with coresuite eCommerce

With coresuite eCommerce item-, business partner- and order information could be easiy  exchanged between SAP Business One and ePages. 

•    Item configuration
•    Automatic updating of stock levels
•    Pricing
•    Automatic creation/updating of business partners
•    Bestelldaten und Bestellstatus
•    Order data and status transmission
•    Guaranteed transfer
•    Batch processing


For a detailed overview of the respective functional scopes of coresuite eCommerce klick >> here



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