Beginner Shop + coresuite eCommerce

Beginner Shop + coresuite eCommerce

Price £2,730.00

Price without VAT 
The price includes 2600 £ one off setup fee for Coresuite and the monthly subscription amounting to 130 £ respectively 220 £ for the shop.The monthly subscription is due each month for the entire contract period.


Sum of individual prices £2,730.00

Beginner Shop

The smart solution for selling online

To start selling successfully online, the „ePages shop Beginner for SAP Business One“  is the best solution. You can simply connect  your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with:

•   Automated exchange of product data
•   Automated exchange of order data
•   Plenty design options
•   Useful marketing functions
•   Several payment provider


This contract has a minimum term of 12 months and and is renewed tacitly in each case by one month after the term expires. The contract can be canceled in each case on the last day of the subsequent month.

You can find a detailed overview of complete scope of services >> here

coresuite eCommerce


Automated data exchange with coresuite eCommerce

With coresuite eCommerce item-, business partner- and order information could be easiy  exchanged between SAP Business One and ePages. 

•    Item configuration
•    Automatic updating of stock levels
•    Pricing
•    Automatic creation/updating of business partners
•    Bestelldaten und Bestellstatus
•    Order data and status transmission
•    Guaranteed transfer
•    Batch processing


For a detailed overview of the respective functional scopes of coresuite eCommerce klick >> here




This includes the following individual products

Beginner Shop
1 month(s)
£130.00 / 1 month(s) *
coresuite eCommerce
1 piece(s)
£2,600.00 / 1 piece(s) *

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